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Printing & publishing

The industry concerned with the preparation and distribution of printed material to the general public.

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offset printing

Printing; Printing equipment

Printing method that transfers ink from a plate to a blanket to paper instead of directly from plate to paper.

inkjet printer

Printing; Printing equipment

A printer in which tiny ink droplets are spray electrostatically onto paper.


Printing; Printing equipment

A layout of pages on mechanicals or flats so they will appear in proper order after press sheets are folded and bound.


Printing & publishing; Printing equipment

The opposite of what you see. Printing the background of an image. For example; type your name on a piece of paper. The reverse of this would be a black piece of paper with a ...

rip film

Printing & publishing; Printing equipment

A method of making printing negatives from PostScript files created by desktop publishing.

saddle stitch

Printing & publishing; Printing equipment

Binding a booklet or magazine with staples in the seam where it folds.


Printing & publishing; Printing equipment

Device used to make color separations, halftones, duo tones and tri tones. Also a device used to scan art, pictures or drawings in desktop publishing.