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Quality management

Relating to the processes or means used to achieve product and service quality.

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strategic planning

Quality management; Six Sigma

The process an organization uses to envision its future and develop the appropriate strategies, goals, objectives and action plans.

company culture

Quality management; Six Sigma

A system of values, beliefs and behaviors inherent in a company. To optimize business performance, top management must define and create the necessary culture.

QEDS Standards Group

Quality management; Six Sigma

The U.S. Standards Group on Quality, Environment, Dependability and Statistics consists of the members and leadership of organizations concerned with the development and effective ...

total quality management (TQM)

Quality management; Six Sigma

A term first used to describe a management approach to quality improvement. Since then, TQM has taken on many meanings. Simply put, it is a management approach to long-term ...

control chart

Quality management; Six Sigma

A chart with upper and lower control limits on which values of some statistical measure for a series of samples or subgroups are plotted. The chart frequently shows a central line ...


Quality management; Six Sigma

The features or functions a customer expects that either are not present or are present but not adequate; also pertains to employees’ expectations. Distribution (statistical): The ...


Quality management; Six Sigma

A method of conducting single-piece flow in which the operator proceeds from machine to machine, taking the part from one machine and loading it into the next. The lines allow ...