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Real estate

Of or pertaining to property of land and the buildings on it. This also includes any minerals, crops, or any other natural resource. The business of real estate is the buying, selling, or renting property.

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Law; Contracts

Contract, same meaning of agreement, a commercial contract this is a commercial agreement


Law; Contracts

A lawful agreement between two or more parties, usually written is called as contract.Contract was made between both parties in written form.

act no.

Law; Contracts

A product, such as a statute, decree, or enactment, resulting from a decision by a legislative or judicial body


Law; Contracts

collected, coll., follows the number of an act, eg. Act No 111 Coll.

commercial register

Law; Contracts

a document that compulsorily registers individuals and legal entities (companies) engaging in commercial activities

as amended

Law; Contracts

a legislative measure altered formally by adding, deleting, or rephrasing


Law; Contracts

consideration, in roder for a cotrcat to be valid, each party shiuld receive somethin g of value, in other words consideration, thus ''be considered''=taken into account