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Related to the sale of commercial goods from a fixed location for direct use by the consumer.

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Retail; Shopping

The largest franchise of 100-yen shops in Japan. In 2004, Daiso also started selling items priced at multiples of 100 (in the U.S., most items are priced at $1.50 but some may go ...


Fashion; Brands & labels

The leading comapany of the online fashion industry since launched on online marketplace in 2004, specializing in women's clothing and accessories. They produce, sell and ...

G-market - online shopping portal site

Retail; Shopping

Gmarket uses Korean pronunciation, and is an open market site that has been in operation since April 2000. Originally established as Interpark, but having been acquired by the ...

alzheimer's purchase

Retail; Shopping

An Alzheimer's Purchase is when you buy something online that takes so long to be delivered, you forgot you ordered it in the first place.


Retail; Shopping

A mannequin dressed in emo clothes or with emo hairstyles, makeup or in a store that sells only emo clothes.


Retail; Shopping

1. A person in constant search of great deals. 2. A person addicted to card games of any variety. The term is most often however, used to describe a gambler who plays poker or ...


Beauty; Cosmetic products

It refers to a 'Street vendor' which is a different way with shop-in-shop sellers located in a department store, a shopping center and a chain store. The shop is runned indepently ...