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Related to the production, harvesting and distribution of naturally occurring rubber - which is an elastic hydrocarbon polymer found in the sap of some plants and trees- as well as man-made synthesised rubber.

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Rubber; Processes & equipment

Specialized instrument designed to test the hardness of rubber.


Rubber; Processes & equipment

Process of removing waste edges from molded rubber parts.


Rubber; Processes & equipment

Forming 3D rubber structures through applying heat and vulcanizing agents. Forces long rubber chains to become crossed.


Rubber; Processes & equipment

Cracking of o-rings after exposure to pollutants.


Rubber; Processes & equipment

Rubber which has not been cured, or vulcanized enough.


Rubber; Processes & equipment

Agent which speeds up the curing or vulcanization of an elastomer.

compression set

Rubber; Processes & equipment

Percentage deflection from original shape of a rubber item having been subjected to a constant compressive load, then released.