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The art of controlling and steering a boat with large foils called sails.

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Sailing; Yachting

bau; largeur maximum d'un bateau qu'il soit à moteur ou à voile


Sailing; Yachting

The space between the mast, the deck, and the headstay.

following sea

Sailing; Yachting

A sea with waves approaching from the stern of the boat.


Sailing; Yachting

An attachment on the forestay, comprising a groove into which the luff of the jib can be fed.


Sailing; Yachting

Behind of the Sails pressed against the mast when the wind is on the wrong, inefficient side.


Sailing; Yachting

Toward the rear (stern) of the boat, behind, or anything located aft of something else.


Sailing; Yachting

Across the wind in relation to the bow. When a sailboat tacks into the wind to bring it from one side to the other, she is said to go about.