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Science; General science

The scientific study of past human life and culture. Archaeology includes the study of ancient study of ancient cities and tools, clothing, and pottery.


Science; General science

The scientific study of humans. It includes the study of how the humans behave and how the first humans developed.


Science; General science

(also called planetoid) - A medium-sized rocky object that orbits the Sun. It's smaller than a planet but larger than a meteoroid. Also, any number of small bodies that revolve ...


Science; General science

Greek philosopher and scientist who emphasized observation and the use of logic as a method of understanding the world.


Science; General science

The distance of an object in the sky from the northern point on the horizon. The position of stars and planets is figured by azimuth and altitude.

alternating current

Science; General science

An electric current in which the direction of the flow of electrons reverses back and forth many times per second.


Science; General science

American scientist best known for his studies of the particles that make up atoms. He died in 1988.