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Science; General science

Living things that are made up of single cells, each without a cell nucleus.These are found in all of the Earth's environments and live off other organisms.


Science; General science

The scientific study of bacteria, especially bacteria that cause disease is termed as bacteriology.Bacteria are very diverse in their nature and habitats.


Science; General science

Frederick Grant was Canadian scientist who discovered the hormone with Charles Best in 1921.Both of them showed that insulin could be used to treat diabetes.

binary star

Science; General science

Two stars that form a pair and revolve around the same central point are called as binary star.


Science; General science

To change from a liquid to a gas or vapour. At the boiling point, vapours moving out of the liquid create so much pressure that they form bubbles.


Science; General science

An instrument that measures time very accurately and are used in scientific experiments and in making observation of objects in space.


Science; General science

The upper part of the Earth's mantle. The asthenosphere lies beneath the lithosphere and is made of several hundred miles of partially molten rock.