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Science; General science

The change of a gas or a vapor into a liquid, either by cooling or by being exposed to greater pressure.


Science; General science

The amount of a substance that is contained in another substance.A glass of water with two spoons of salt has more concentration than a glass with one spoon of salt in it.


Science; General science

Living material, such as bacteria or a batch of cells, that is grown in a culture medium so it can be studied.


Science; General science

A machine that causes particles that are parts of an atom, such as protons and electrons, to move very fast through a spiral shaped tube.


Science; General science

A unit used to measure the loudness or strength of a sound. The speaking voice of most people measures between 45 and 75 decibels.


Science; General science

Able to see distant objects more easily than nearby objects. In farsighted people, light is focused behind the retina.


Science; General science

Easy to set fire to and able to burn very quickly is called as flammable.