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The hot, visible, and often bright gases given off by a fire, is called flame.


Science; General science

Energy or matter that is released from something. Rays of light from the Sun and exhaust from the car's engine are both emissions.


Science; General science

The change of a liquid into a vapor when the liquid is below its boiling point. Puddles dry up and disappear because of evaporation.


Science; General science

The upper part of the thermosphere, forming the outer most region of the Earth's atmosphere.

Alfred Einstein

Science; General science

A major scientist, physician, who discovered the theory of relativity, being considered the pioneer of it and influencing science in this field up to nowaday. Was in 19th century. ...


Science; General science

Relating to objects or systems that are not moving or changing and are said to be static.


Science; General science

A coil of wire that acts as a magnet when an electric current passes through it. Solenoids are used in automatic door locks.