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respondeat superior

Science; General science

A legal theory that imposes legal liability on an employer for the actions of the employee.

partnership agreement

Science; General science

The contract that sets out the duties, responsibilities, and benefits of the persons who have agreed to enter into a partnership.


Science; General science

Having the Earth as the center. In ancient and medieval times, people thought the universe was geocentric.


Science; General science

The magnetism of the Earth. The Earth gets most of its geomagnetism from the movement of the molten material.


Science; General science

The amount that something slopes up or down. The higher the gradient is, the steeper the slope is.


Science; General science

Marked with a series of short lines that are at equal distance from each other in order to measure length, volume, or temperature.


Science; General science

Not allowing a liquid or gas to pass through. Plastic sheeting is impermeable to rain.