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Any solid material with electrical conductivity due to electron flow (as opposed to ionic conductivity) of a magnitude between that of a conductor and that of an insulator.

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sputter deposition

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

Bombardment of a solid (target) by high energy chemically inert ions (e.g. Ar+); causes ejection of atoms from the target which are then redeposited on the surface of a substrate ...

wafer fabrication

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

Process in which single crystal semiconductor ingot is fabricated and transformed by cutting, grinding,polishing, and cleaning into a circular wafer with desired diameter and ...


Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

Deviation from a plane of a slice or wafer centerline containing both concave and convex regions.

wafer flat

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

Flat area on the perimeter of the wafer; location and number of wafer flats contains information on crystal orientation of the wafer and the dopant type (n-type or p-type).

wafer diameter

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

The linear distance across the surface of a circular slice which contains the slice center and excludes any flats or other peripheral fiduciary areas. Standard silicon wafer ...

wafer bonding

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

Process in which two semiconductor wafers are bonded to form a single substrate; commonly applied to form SOI substrates; bonding of wafers of different materials, e.g. Gaas on ...


Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

Thin (thickness depends on wafer diameter, but is typically less than 1mm),circular slice of single-crystal semiconductor material cut from the ingot of single crystal ...