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Social network

Web communities that allow users to collaborate and connect with one another.

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Social network; Social marketing

Blog + stalker = blawker. Someone that regularly checks in on a limited number of choice blogs that they are fans of, often without leaving comments but with high appreciation for ...

Facebook case

Social network; Social marketing

Yahoo! has accused Facebook of usurping patents, especially concerning advertising and protection of private life. Facebook is claimed to have used ten patents without ...


Automotive; Automobile

A compound word from 'Welfare', 'Well', 'Welcome' and 'Cabin' to indicate a vehicle for disabled people. With a concept of 'To give freedom to everyone', Toyota support not only ...


Social network; Social marketing

An extreme feeling of frustration/being fed up, with the abundance of poorly wrought memes which are posted to social media-especially those that are misspelled and have poor ...


Social network; Social marketing

Using Facebook for social networking; spending time on Facebook. "What is your dad doing?" "He's been Facebooking all morning."

Don't Stop Searching / Find Our Sailors

Social network; Social marketing

#DontStopSearching and #FindOurSailors are two hashtags which represent the online media campaign that is trying to encourage governments to keep searching for four missing ...

bring back our girls

Social network; Social marketing

(#bringbackourgirls) The name of the 2014 online media campaign which highlights the subject of the 250+ secondary school girls kidnapped in Nigeria by the group and militant ...