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Social network

Web communities that allow users to collaborate and connect with one another.

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Social network; Microblogs

The act of blocking a particular user from following your tweets or adding you to any of the user's Twitter lists. You block someone by clicking on their profile and choosing ...

140 character limit

Social network; Microblogs

Twitter messages are meant to be short and most people don't even go up to the 140 character limit when posting a tweet. Part of the reason for limiting tweets to 140 characters ...

robot accounts

Social network; Microblogs

Twitter accounts controlled by machines instead of humans that spit out tweets automatically using computer programs. Some of these robot accounts are able to tweet or retweet ...


Social network; Microblogs

On Twitter, to unfollow someone is to stop following the user so that person's tweets and updates no longer shows up on your own page. A user may decide at any point that another ...

Follow Friday

Social network; Microblogs

Ever since the launch of Twitter in 2006, Twitter users have adapted the microblogging service into a sophisticated communication platform where users connect with one another ...


Social network; Microblogs

A tritterian is a Twitter user with a high number of tweets. It's the opposite of tweep or rookie. A twitterian is usually perceived positively as they contribute a large amount ...


Social network; Microblogs

On Twitter, users who subscribe to other users' tweets are known as followers. As a social microblogging site, Twitter revolves around the principle of followers. When you choose ...