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The study of societies and how they are shaped by people. It also concerns itself with how society affects the behavior of the individuals that are part of them.

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Sociology > Racism

human zoo

Sociology; Racism

The public exhibits of humans usually in their natural or primitive state. During the 19th century, human zoos or ethnographic expositions were introduced to explain the cultural ...

black propaganda

Sociology; Racism

A covert attack on the reputation of a person, company or nation using slander and lies in order to weaken or destroy.


Sociology; Racism

The systematic exploitation of one social group by another for its own benefit. It involves institutional control, ideological domination, and the imposition of the dominant ...


Sociology; Racism

The process of interchanging cultural traits (customs, manners, values, etc.) among different ethnic groups, thus contributing to the further growth and enrichment of each one as ...


Sociology; Racism

An actively expressed feeling of dislike and hostility.

asylum seeker

Sociology; Racism

An asylum seeker is someone who has applied to the government to be recognized as a refugee.


Sociology; Racism

Intolerant prejudice which glorifies one’s own group, but, denigrates members of other groups.