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Related to any programme that is broadcast on television.

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Top Gear

TV shows; Car shows

An extremely popular, long running British car show, which recently debuted a US version. Yet the US show has suffered harsh criticism, as being a poor remake of its UK ...

Richard Hammond

TV shows; Car shows

Richard Mark Hammond (born 19 December 1969) is an English presenter, writer, and journalist. He is most noted for co-hosting the car programme Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson and ...

The Stig

TV shows; Car shows

he Stig is a character on the British motoring television show Top Gear. The Stig's primary role is setting lap times for cars tested on the show, as well as instructing celebrity ...

James May

TV shows; Car shows

James Daniel May (born 16 January 1963) is a British television presenter and journalist. He is the co-presenter of the motoring programme Top Gear, alongside Jeremy Clarkson and ...

Jeremy Clarkson

TV shows; Car shows

Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson (born 11 April 1960) - English television presenter, journalist and writer, who specialises in cars. Mainly known for his role in the BBC's Top Gear ...