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Relating to the usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, crafts or systems in order to solve a problem or create an artistic perspective.

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integration brokerage (IB)

Technology; Cloud computing

Integration brokerage (IB) is a category of discrete IT outsourcing for integration projects, such as those involving cloud services integration and supply chain integration. IB ...


Technology; Cloud computing

Cloudbursting is the use of an alternative set of public or private cloud-based services as a way to augment and handle peaks in IT system requirements at startup or during ...

enhanced network delivery

Technology; Cloud computing

Enhanced network delivery comprises network-based acceleration services, including WAN optimization, application delivery controller/asymmetrical optimization and WOC ...


Technology; Cloud computing

Multitenancy is a reference to the mode of operation of software where multiple independent instances of one or multiple applications operate in a shared environment. The ...

versatile authentication server and service (VAS)

Technology; Cloud computing

A versatile authentication server or service (VAS) is a single authentication product or service supporting user authentication in multiplatform environments (on-premises and in ...

platform as a service (PAAS)

Technology; Cloud computing

A platform as a service (PaaS) offering, usually depicted in all-cloud diagrams between the SaaS layer above it and the IaaS layer below, is a broad collection of application ...

business process as a service (BPAAS)

Technology; Cloud computing

Gartner defines business process as a service (BPaaS) as the delivery of business process outsourcing (BPO) services that are sourced from the cloud and constructed for ...