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Relating to the usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, crafts or systems in order to solve a problem or create an artistic perspective.

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Technology > Information technology


Technology; Information technology

the art or process of producing images using a flatbed digital scanner (as by arranging objects on the scanner and capturing the resulting image)

Technology; Information technology

Online system developed by CSOFT International to support the translation process. Incorporating translation management, a CAT tool-like online editor, translation memory and ...

internet of things (IOT)

Technology; Information technology

This term refers to the virtual representation of physical objects, as opposed to data and information, in an internet-like structure. It was first used by Kevin Ashton in 1999; ...

Windows Phone 8

Technology; Information technology

Windows Phone 8 is an operating system launched by Microsoft in October 2012.It was seen by many as an attempt by Microsoft to reclaim a share of a smartphone market that is ...


Technology; Information technology

A technology that allows electronic equipment to communicate by using radio, so that, for example, a computer and printer can work together without having a wire connecting them.


Technology; Information technology

Very short electromagnetic wave used esp in radio and radar, and also in cooking


Technology; Information technology

Of or relating to the range of invisible radiation wavelengths from about 750 nanometers, just longer than red in the visible spectrum, to 1 millimeter, on the border of the ...