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Any item that is either worn or displayed to tell the time.

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leap second

Timepieces; Clocks

A leap second is the one-second adjustment that is periodically applied to the atomic clocks that act as reference points for world's timekeeping in order to keep them in sync ...

act of parliament clock

Timepieces; Clocks

A British act of parliament passed in 1797 levied a tax of five shillings per annum on all clocks and is said to have caused a decline in their manufacture. Rather than maintain a ...

acorn clock

Timepieces; Clocks

An American clock made in three styles: shelf, dwarf, and wall manufactured during 1847-1850. The design is attributed to Jonathan Clarke Brown.


Timepieces; Clocks

Adjustments made to the balance, balance spring or pendulum of a clock to compensate for the effects of variations of temperature are known as compensating. Adjusting refers ...


Timepieces; Clocks

That part of a clock which may be set to give audible warning at a predetermined time. The mechanism is usually triggered by a lever which moves into a slot in a cam driven by the ...

Adam style

Timepieces; Clocks

The neoclassical style in architecture of the second half of the 18th century, named after its most notable exponent, Robert Adam (1728-1792).