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Any item that is either worn or displayed to tell the time.

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digital watch

Timepieces; Watches

A watch that shows the time through digits rather than through a dial and hands (analog) display

depth meter

Timepieces; Watches

A device on a divers' watch that determines the wearer's depth by measuring water pressure. It shows the depth either by analog hands and a scale on the watch face or through a ...

elapsed time rotating bezel

Timepieces; Watches

A graduated rotating bezel (see rotating bezel") used to keep track of elapsed time. The bezel can be turned so the wearer can align the zero on the bezel with the watch's seconds ...

spring pins

Timepieces; Watches

Spring-loaded bars between the lugs on the case, used to attach a strap or metal bracelet to the case.

swiss made

Timepieces; Watches

As a part of a move towards greater consumer protection and in order to combat fakes in the Far East that claim to be swiss made, the Swiss federal council in 1993 laid down the ...


Timepieces; Watches

A fly-back hand considerably extends the functions of a chronograph, making it possible to read intermediate times, or make two separate timings even if they start together.


Timepieces; Watches

The number of times the balance oscillates per second. The frequency is indicated in hertz (Hz). Modern movements running at 28,800 vibrations per hour have a frequency of 4Hz .