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Any device that is used to facilitate an activity or process without being consumed itself.

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Tools; Construction tools

A device for transmitting rotary motion, consisting of a handle or arm attached at right angles to a shaft.


Tools; Construction tools

Trowel may be included either in gardening tools or construction tools. For that reason, trowel can be described as a gardening tool like a very small spade/shovel or a small tool ...


Tools; Construction tools

Pickaxe can be described as a large tool consisting of a long handle and a curved iron bar with a sharp point on each end. The function of this tool is for breaking up the ground.

Folding Platform Ladders

Tools; General tools

Scala normalmente in alluminio detta a castello oppure a compasso, oppure ancora a palchetto, ad una rampa di salita dotata di larghi gradini; costruita solitamente in alluminio ...