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Translation & localization

1) The converting of one language into another for the purpose of facilitating understanding and 2)The process of adapting a language for a specific country or region, or translation of a product into another language so it is marketable in a specific country or region

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translation unit

Translation & localization; Translation memory

A source segment and its target translation, plus any additional meta-data such as creator, creation date, modification date, etc.

machine translation

Translation & localization; Localization (L10N)

Machine translation (MT) systems are unlike all of the other tools described in this glossary, because rather than assisting a human translator or other language professional in ...

project manager

Translation & localization; Internationalization (I18N)

(1) In a translation company, this is the person responsible for total translation project management. (2) In international companies, this title is sometimes given to the ...


Translation & localization; Internationalization (I18N)

The process of adapting a product and/or content (including text and non-text elements) to meet the language, cultural, and political expectations and/or requirements of a ...

translation memory exchange (TMX)

Translation & localization; Translation memory

Standardized translation memory exchange format, designed to allow easier exchange of cross-reference translation memory data between tools and/or translation vendors with little ...

translation memory

Translation & localization; Translation memory

A translation memory: database that stores text segments (sentences, paragraphs or sentences - like units such as headings, titles or elements in a list) that have previously been ...


Translation & localization; Translation memory

1. Done, working, or happening inside a company or organization. 2. Working within a company or organization.