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Any mode or method of locomotion that serves to move people, goods or services from one location to another.

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Transportation; Shipping

A type of ship that trades only in the Great Lakes of North America. They carry predominantly grain and ore cargoes.


Transportation; Shipping

Ships not in active service; a ship which is out of commission for fitting out, awaiting better markets, needing work for classification, etc.


Transportation; Shipping

Unit of speed in navigation, which is the rate of nautical mile (1,852 metres or 6,080 feet) per hour. i.e. 1. 852 km/h.


Transportation; Shipping

The lowest longitudinal timber of a vessel, on which framework of the whole is built up; combination of iron plates serving same purpose in iron vessel.

jones act

Transportation; Shipping

Contentious US Merchant Marine Act of 1920, Section 27, requiring that all U. S. Domestic waterborne trade be carried by U. S. -flag, U. S. -built, and U. S. -manned vessels.


Transportation; Shipping

A deck with legs that can be jacked up or down. During operations, the legs rest on the seabed. When the rig is moved, the legs are retracted, leaving the rig floating. A jackup ...


Transportation; Shipping

An association of independent tanker owners whose aims are to represent the views of its members internationally.