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Any mode or method of locomotion that serves to move people, goods or services from one location to another.

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Transportation; Car rental

Our car rental business partners include Travel Agents, Online Affiliate Sponsors, and some hotel, airline and credit card companies that provide special offers for consumers who ...

facility charge

Transportation; Car rental

Some airports charge car rental companies a fee for every customer transaction at that airport location. Rental car companies operating out of that airport generally pass on this ...

gas service option (GSO)

Transportation; Car rental

Budget's rates don't include the cost of fuel, so car renters have three Fuel Service Options – 1. Accept the Fuel Service Option, pay in advance for a full tank of fuel, and ...

value-added tax (VAT)

Transportation; Car rental

When U.S. car renters and other non-Europeans are inbound to Europe and purchase goods in Europe, they could be eligible for reimbursement of value-added taxes (VAT) from European ...

offer code

Transportation; Car rental

Offer codes (also known as BCDs) may be found in a variety of places - in newspaper, magazine or television ads, by clicking banner ads on Web sites other than budget.com, on the ...


Transportation; Car rental

Sometimes you might want to trade up from one car rental class to a higher car class. For example, you might have a car rental coupon that entitles you to upgrade from an economy ...


Transportation; Car rental

Fastbreak is our fastest and easiest way to rent a car and is recommended for frequent renters. It takes just minutes to sign up for Fastbreak, and there's no charge to enroll.