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Related to the process of embarking on a journey from one place to another.

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Travel; Cruise

A term formerly used to describe a cruise booking proposal that had been put into the hold status. Deprecated for PA5.


Travel; Travel sites

An office is a business unit that is physically co-located. It is comprised of persons, some of which may be agents. Those agents may belong to one or more agencies. The identity ...


Travel; Travel sites

A person who is responsible for facilitating a travel booking. A member of a travel agency.


Travel; Travel sites

An entity which is comprised of agents. An agency is a collection of agents that share booking credentials with one or more vendors. Agencies pay to store and track collections of ...


Travel; Travel sites

An ecommerce website which allows users to obtain discount rates for travel-related items such as airline tickets and hotel stays through reverse auctions and other methods.


Travel; Travel sites

Situated in the south-western shore of the Hallstätter See, Hallstatt is a scenic village with its mountain-hugging chalets, elegant church spires and Austrian style inns all ...


Travel; Travel sites

The journey between mainland Britains two most extreme points (Lands-End and John O' Groats). Each year thousands of cyclists and walkers travel between the two points as a test ...