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Related to the process of embarking on a journey from one place to another.

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Travel; Air travel

A special purchase condition where little or no money is used to secure a travel product for a short period of time. Essential a limited time purchase that requires finalization.


Travel; Air travel

A collection of products in itinerary form, that includes pricing and details for client/traveler acceptance.


Travel; Air travel

The feeling of being in a tired and zoned-out state owing to jet lag. When lagzoned, or 'in the lagzone', one's comprehension ability is inhibited, but this can also result in a ...

advance purchase requirement

Travel; Air travel

An airfare that must be purchased a certain number of days before departure in order to receive the best rate.

saturday night stay

Travel; Air travel

A requirement by the airlines that your travel must involve a Saturday night stay over in order to obtain the lowest fare.

discount fare

Travel; Air travel

An airline fare that is lower priced, usually with stipulations and a limited use.

business class

Travel; Air travel

A relatively new class of airline service, located between coach and first class, that was created to appeal to the business traveler. The amenities provided in business class ...