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Related to the process of embarking on a journey from one place to another.

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Travel; Cruise

A destruction of a ship at sea, an automobile, aircraft or other vehicle.


Travel; Cruise

a chair built on wheels for an invalid or disabled person, pushed by another person or propelled by the occupant, or motorized.

cruise ship

Travel; Cruise

A cruise ship or cruise liner is a passenger ship used for pleasure voyages, where the voyage itself and the ship's amenities are part of the experience, as well as the different ...

Disney Cruise Line

Travel; Cruise

Disney Cruise Line offers a number of different routes and destinations, including Alaska and the Pacific coast, the Bahamas, Europe, Hawaii, the Mexican Riviera, and the ...

Ibn Battuta

Travel; Cruise

Abu Abdullah Umar Ibn Battuta was a Moroccan Muslim scholar and traveler. He is known for his travels over a period of almost thirty years.

Quantum of the Seas

Travel; Cruise

Quantum of the Seas is the name of Royal Caribbean International's new cruise ship that is billed as the industry's first at sea to offer attractions like bumper cars, simulated ...

Costa Concordia

Travel; Cruise

It is a cruise-ship made in 2004, in Italy. Costa Concordia was firstly launched in September 2005, until it was wrecked on 13 January 2012. The ship first hit a reef 800 meters ...