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Of or related to any publicy utility institution mandated with maintaining the infrastructure for a particular public service; such as the provision of water, gas and electricity.

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voltage transformer Ratio

Electrical equipment; Electricity

The ratio of primary volts divided by secondary volts

voltage withstand Test

Electrical equipment; Electricity

A field or factory test in which a conductor or electrical equipment is subjected to a higher than normal AC or DC voltage to test its insulation system.

Western Underground Committee

Electrical equipment; Electricity

A committee of western based electric utility engineers that provides a forum for establishing guidelines that provide options, recommendations and practices for its members.

wireless fidelity (wi-fi)

Electrical equipment; Electricity

Wi-fi stands for wireless fidelity. Wi-fi originally referred to the 802.11b specification for wireless LANs, but it is now used to describe any of the 802.11 wireless networking ...


Utilities; Electricity

See Coaming In a direction opposite to that of a stream's current

energy substation

Utilities; Electricity

subsidiary station of an electricity generation, transmission and distribution system where voltage is transformed from high to low or the reverse using transformers

thermal coal

Utilities; Electricity

Cheap coal that is used in the production of electricity at thermal power stations.