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Video games

Referring to any electronic game that uses a video device, and involves the user's interaction with a screen interface to stimulate visual feedback.

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life bar

Video games; Fighting games

The graphical representation of how much damage a character can sustain. When one character's bar has been depleted they are eliminated from the round.


Video games; Fighting games

The act of moving between one attack to another before the opponent has a chance to recover, entering into a combo.

low attack

Video games; Fighting games

An attack that connects to the lower extremities of the opponent. In order to be blocked, characters must be blocking low.


Video games; Fighting games

The process of determining your opponents psychological state and playstyle with the intent of being able to better predict their actions and counter them accordingly.


Video games; Fighting games

Determining your opponents playstyle (aggressive, speedy etc. ) and adjusting your own style to counter it.


Video games; Fighting games

A strategy whereby a player utilises a variety of low attacks, overhead attacks, throws etcetera to make it difficult for their opponent to know how to react in a given situation.

normal move

Video games; Fighting games

A basic attack performed by pressing a single button.