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Video games

Referring to any electronic game that uses a video device, and involves the user's interaction with a screen interface to stimulate visual feedback.

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command move

Video games; Fighting games

An attack that requires multiple button presses at the same time, such as forward + punch.

special move

Video games; Fighting games

An attack that requires a complex series of button presses to execute, such as the famous hadouken from Street Fighter (down, downforward, forward, punch).

super move

Video games; Fighting games

Often the strongest attack available to a character. This attack may be relatively simple to carry out but be restricted in some other way, such as having a special meter that ...


Video games; Fighting games

To play extremely defensively, akin to a turtle retreating into its shell.


Video games; Fighting games

Putting pressure on an opponent who has been downed and has limited options to return to a standing state.

overhead attack

Video games; Fighting games

An attack that will connect with the higher portions of the opponents body. Can only be blocked from a standing position.


Video games; Fighting games

A form of advanced blocking whereby an opponents attack is deflected and they are left open to a counterattack.