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Video games

Referring to any electronic game that uses a video device, and involves the user's interaction with a screen interface to stimulate visual feedback.

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Video games > Fighting games


Video games; Fighting games

When a player executes an attack from the maximum range that the attack will connect from.


Video games; Fighting games

A continuous stream of attacks on a blocking opponent that does not allow them to initiate any attacks of their own. Combined with mix-ups, the intention is to eventually ...


Video games; Fighting games

A system that determines which attack "wins" in the cases that both players attack each other at the same time. A high priority attack will nullify the lower priority attack and ...


Video games; Fighting games

To attack a person that has made a mistake of some kind, usually missing an attack.


Video games; Fighting games

The period of time, measured in frames, it takes to return to a neutral state after performing an action.

ring out

Video games; Fighting games

Victory caused by the elimination of the opponent from the arena.


Video games; Fighting games

The opposite of turtling, this is an extremely aggressive playstyle that will rarely block.