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Video games

Referring to any electronic game that uses a video device, and involves the user's interaction with a screen interface to stimulate visual feedback.

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Video games; Shmups

Moving your ship a very short distance to the left or right to narrowly avoid aimed shots.

aimed shot

Video games; Shmups

A shot which is specifically targeted at a spot, usually the current location of a player.

arcade mode

Video games; Shmups

The "normal" version of the game. Usually identical to the version found at arcades, or with a few minor tweaks.

arrange mode

Video games; Shmups

A bonus mode that has a significant change compared to the regular arcade mode, such as a new scoring system or different attack patterns from enemies.


Video games; Shmups

A system that will automatically use one of the player's bombs (if there are any in stock) when the player is hit instead of causing a death.


Video games; Shmups

When a player can hold down a button to keep their ship constantly firing bullets. Older games often did not have this feature and the player would have to press the fire button ...

base point value

Video games; Shmups

Refers to the value of an action before a scoring multiplier is applied.