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Of or pertaining to the state of the atmosphere and/or the science of monitoring, measuring and interpreting meteorological changes.

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Weather; Forecasting

An instrument that measures the speed and force of the wind. One type of the anemometer is made of plastic cups that are attached to arms that spin around the wind.The speed with ...


Weather; Forecasting

An instrument for measuring how high or low the atmospheric pressure is. They are used to make weather forecasts.

Beaufort scale

Weather; Forecasting

A scale of classifying the force of the wind, ranging from 0(calm) to 12(hurricane). The scale was devised in 1805 as a means of describing the effect of different wind ...


Weather; Forecasting

American scientist who used the telegraph for collecting and transmitting weather information, which led to weather forecasting.


Weather; Forecasting

An activity or process that is used to imitate something real. Simulations are used to study earthquake and weather patterns.


Weather; Forecasting

The scientific study of the Earth's atmosphere and weather patterns is called as meteorology. It is used in weather forecasting.

Richter scale

Weather; Forecasting

A scale that is used to rate the strength of earthquakes. The Richter scale ranges from 1 to 9.