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Of or relating to the institution of marriage, the ceremony held to mark the occasion, and any customs or traditions associated with it.

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royal wedding

Weddings; Grooms

The joining in matrimony (marriage) of a member of a royal family together with his/her loved one.

trompe l'oeil

Weddings; Wedding cake

Specialty cake made of square layers instead of round that can be decorated with ribbon and wrapping paper to make it look like a pile of gifts. The perfect Christmas cake!


Weddings; Wedding cake

Cakes that are stacked on top of one another to create a multi-layered cake.

torted cakes

Weddings; Wedding cake

Cakes that are layered with mousse or fruit preserves.

rolled fondant

Weddings; Wedding cake

This icing is made of gelatin, confectionery sugar and water. It has a beautiful porcelain finish suitable for beading or tiny flowers. Keep in mind that this icing is temperature ...


Weddings; Wedding cake

A specialty wedding cake formed with profiteroles (cream puffs) filled with hazelnut pastry cream, dipped in hot caramel, and placed on top of one another.

groom's cake

Weddings; Wedding cake

A smaller version of the wedding cake or cake theme to the groom's interests. Usually served at the engagement party or the rehearsal dinner.