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3D printing

An additive manufacturing process that creates three-dimensional objects using successive layers of materials laid down with a printing device.

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3D printing

4D printing

Manufacturing; 3d printing

A technology that combines 3D-pinting with the ability to change the shape of the printed objects over time in response to some conditions. Instead of constructing a static material, 4D printing ...

support material

Manufacturing; 3d printing

Materials used to fill gaps or overhang spaces that may exist on any part of the model as it would be impossible to print into the air space. The support material is then removed after printing, ...


Manufacturing; 3d printing

A technique used in 3D printing to prevent warping by building parts on top of a raft of material instead of directly on the build surface that is later removed and disposed of post-print. The raft ...

additive manufacturing

Manufacturing; 3d printing

Additive manufacturing is a professional expression for 3D printing. It is the opposite method of subtractive manufacturing, where the manufacturing process removes material from a raw object to ...

standard tessellation language (STL) file

Manufacturing; 3d printing

A file format widely used for rapid prototyping and computer-aided manufacturing software packages. STL files describe only the surface geometry of a three dimensional object without any ...

bioficial heart

Manufacturing; 3d printing

A bioficial heart is a biological heart that is produced by merging natural cells with artificial means, such as 3D printing or molding. It's called "bioficial heart" because it's a ...

The Micro

Manufacturing; 3d printing

The Micro is a compact 3D printer developed and manufactured by M3D. Designed as a low-cost, consumer-grade 3D printer that offers plug-and-play experience for the average home user, The Micro raised ...

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