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Accounting software

Software designed to aid accountants in recording and processing transactions.

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Accounting software

tax software

Software; Accounting software

Tax software is defined as a type of computer software designed to help individuals or companies prepare for and file income, corporate and similar tax returns. Tax software streamlines the process ...

formula palette

Software; Accounting software

A tool that helps you create or edit a formula and also provides information about functions and their arguments.

microsoft visual basic help

Software; Accounting software

To get help for Visual Basic in Excel, on the Developer tab, in the Code group, click Visual Basic, and then under the Help menu, click Microsoft Visual Basic Help.

name box

Software; Accounting software

Box at left end of the formula bar that identifies the selected cell, chart item, or drawing object. To name a cell or range, type the name in the Name box and press ENTER. To move to and select a ...


Software; Accounting software

An OLE data format that describes an embedded object, identifying the class, document name, and name of an object. Each of these data items is a null-terminated string.


Software; Accounting software

A database technology that has been optimized for querying and reporting, instead of processing transactions. OLAP data is organized hierarchically and stored in cubes instead of tables.

olap provider

Software; Accounting software

A set of software that provides access to a particular type of OLAP database. This software can include a data source driver and other client software that is necessary to connect to a database.

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