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Acrylic paint

Of or pertaining to a type of fast drying paint that has pigment suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. Depending on how much water dilution, acrylic painting can resemble watercolor, oil painting, or possess its own unique characteristics.

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Acrylic paint


Chemistry; Acrylic paint

The amount obtained from a process or reaction, relative to the theoretical maximum amount obtainable.

100% acrylic latex paint

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Water-thinned paint in which only acrylic resin is used as the binder medium. Typically the highest quality latex paints used for a wide variety of architectural coatings, 100% Acrylic Latexes have ...

airless spraying

; Acrylic paint

Process of atomization of paint by forcing it through an orifice at high pressure. The effect is often aided by the vaporization of the solvents, especially if the paint has been previously heated.


; Acrylic paint

Resins used mostly in trim paints, inside and out, although some medium duty equipment and marine enamels employ these resins as binders. Most often alkyd resins are found in vehicles employing ...


; Acrylic paint

The binder cements the pigment particles into a uniform paint film and also makes the paint adhere to the surface. The nature and amount of binder determine most of the paint's performance properties ...

bituminous paint

; Acrylic paint

(1) Originally, the class of paints consisting essentially of natural bitumens dissolved in organic solvents. They may or may not contain softening agents, pigments, and inorganic fillers. They are ...


; Acrylic paint

Loss of color, usually caused by exposure to sunlight.

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