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The branch of science that deals with flight aerodynamics and with the operation of all types of aircraft.

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bubble memory

Aviation; Aeronautics

A method of digital data storage in which individual bits (0s and 1s) are stored in the form of extremely small localized magnetic fields in a thin film of magnetic crystalline material. Bits of ...

vacuum distillation

Aviation; Aeronautics

A method of distilling a liquid by boiling it in a vacuum. The material being distilled is placed in a container, and as much air as possible is pumped from it. Because of the low pressure, the ...

gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW)

Aviation; Aeronautics

A method of electric arc welding in which the electrode in the torch is a fine, nonconsumable tungsten wire. The arc is enveloped in a flow of an inert gas such as argon or helium. GTAW was formerly ...

percussive welding

Aviation; Aeronautics

A method of electric arc welding, used to attach studs to metal plates. A large amount of electrical energy is stored in capacitors and released through the stud. This produces a high current density ...


Aviation; Aeronautics

A method of electrically insulating the handles of certain tools, such as pliers, that are used in electrical work. The handles are dipped into a liquid plastic resin. The resin that sticks to the ...

selective plating

Aviation; Aeronautics

A method of electroplating only a portion of a metal part. The portion not to be plated is masked with a nonconductive material, and only the unmasked area accepts the electroplating.

nuclear fusion

Aviation; Aeronautics

A method of energy release in which a heavier nucleus is formed by fusing two lighter nuclei. When the lighter nuclei fuse, a large amount of energy is released.

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