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Agricultural produce

Terms related to agricultural production. For food terms, please place under the food industry.

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Agricultural produce


Agriculture; Agricultural produce

The seed of the soy-bean plant.These are rich in oil and protein and are used in as food for people and animals.


Agriculture; Agricultural produce

Ginger is a kind of tropical plant whose root is used as a spice and sometimes as a medicine.


Agriculture; Agricultural produce

Grain is the seed of cereal crops such as oats, wheat, and corn. A tiny piece of something like grains of sand.


Agriculture; Agricultural produce

Melon is the fruit of any of the gourd family as muskmelon or watermelon with a medium crimson or deep pink colour.


Agriculture; Agricultural produce

It describe something that has finished growing and is ready to be eaten: ripe fruit in the best condition for use; ready.

string bean

Agriculture; Agricultural produce

Any of various beans with a long green pod and these are cooked and eaten whole while they are still young and their seeds are very small.


Agriculture; Agricultural produce

The tough outer covering of the seed of grains such as wheat or rye and it is high in fiber and helps in the digestion of the food.

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