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Air conditioners


Network hardware; Air conditioners

A decimal number that uniquely identifies a group on the firewall. In essence, the GID becomes for the firewall software synonymous with the group name. GIDs are entered as part of the process of ...

heat pump

Household appliances; Air conditioners

An air conditioner that contains a valve that allows it to alternate between heating and cooling.

vapor barrier

Household appliances; Air conditioners

A moisture-impervious layer applied to the surfaces enclosing a humid space to prevent moisture travel to a point where it may condense due to lower temperature.

outdoor coil/condensing unit

Household appliances; Air conditioners

The portion of a heat pump or central air conditioning system that is located outside the home and functions as a heat transfer point for collecting heat from and dispelling heat to the outside air.

absorption cycle

Household appliances; Air conditioners

Absorption chillers differ from mechanical vapor compression chillers in that they utilize a thermal or chemical process to produce the refrigeration effect necessary to provide chilled water. There ...


Household appliances; Air conditioners

The metering (flow control) device inside a Carrier centrifugal chiller. Its unique design always feeds the cooler with liquid refrigerant, which has a much greater cooling capability than a gaseous ...


Household appliances; Air conditioners

A piston type metering device that feeds the proper amount of liquid refrigerant into the evaporator.

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