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Air traffic control

An in-airport service that facilitates the safe and orderly movement of aircrafts within and between airports, achieved by interpreting data from radar and weather devices, and by maintaining contact with pilots.

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Air traffic control

aviation occurrence

Aviation; Air traffic control

Any accident or incident associated with the operation of an aircraft, or any situation or condition that could, if left unattended, induce an accident or incident.

aeronautical ground light

Aviation; Air traffic control

Any light, other than a light displayed on an aircraft, specially provided as an aid to air navigation.

approach lights

Aviation; Air traffic control

Lights indicating a desired line of approach to a landing area.

aerodrome traffic frequency (ATF)

Aviation; Air traffic control

A very high frequency (VHF) designated to ensure that all radio-equipped aircraft operating on the ground or within the specified ATF area are listening on a common frequency and following a common ...

ATC unit

Aviation; Air traffic control

As the circumstances require, this may be (a) an area control centre (ACC) established to provide ATC service to IFR and CVFR aircraft; (b) a terminal control unit (TCU) established to provide ATC ...

ATC Contingency Command Post

Aviation; Air traffic control

U.S.: A facility which enables the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to manage the ATC system when significant portions of the system's capabilities have been lost or are threatened.

air traffic management (ATM)

Aviation; Air traffic control

A management concept aimed at ensuring full utilization of ATC systems, according to the possibilities offered by future air navigation systems, as they evolve, from both a national and an ...

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