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Any machine or device that is capable of atmospheric flight either by buoyancy or by the movement of air over its surfaces.

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Tu-134 "Crusty"

Aviation; Aircraft

the Tu-134 was a rear engine evolution of the Tu-124. Tupolev is a Russian airplane company.


Aviation; Aircraft

The first aircraft by A.N.T. and the first Soviet-built aircraft. Mixed materials design. The work started in 1921. Assembly began in 1922. The tests were cancelled due to engine malfunction.


Aviation; Aircraft

Two passenger aircraft. The first Soviet all-metal aircraft, 1924.


Aviation; Aircraft

All-metal two-seats recce biplane, 1925. About 100 were built.

ANT-3 Pervenets

Aviation; Aircraft

torpedo boat (not an aircraft!). It was put afloat 14 March 1928.


Aviation; Aircraft

All-metal twin-engined (M-17B) monoplane heavy bomber, 1925. There were 212 aircraft built. There was a G-1 cargo version.


Aviation; Aircraft

Prototype of I-4 fighter. The first aircraft designed by Pavel Sukhoi, 1927. 369 were built. I-4 was in service in 1928-1933.

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