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Aircraft maintenance

Principles, fundamentals, and technical procedures for aircraft maintenance, including terms on airframe, powerplant ratings, mathematics, aircraft drawings, weight and balance, aircraft materials, processes and tools, physics, electricity, inspection, ground operations, and FAA regulations governing the certification and work of maintenance technicians.

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Aircraft maintenance

absolute humidity

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

The actual amount of the water vapor in a mixture of air and water.

absolute pressure

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

Equal to gauge pressure plus atmospheric pressure. Also known as psia.

absolute temperature

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

Temperature measured relative to absolute zero. Absolute temperature scales include Kelvin and Rankine.

acceleration due to gravity

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

The acceleration of an object caused by gravity. On earth, it is measured as 32.2 feet per second per second (32.2 fps/s).


Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

The process in which the value of one number is added to the value of another.

Advisory Circulars (AC)

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

Issued to inform the aviation public in a systematic way of nonregulatory material. An AC is issued to provide guidance and information in a designated subject area or to show a method acceptable to ...

Aircraft Specifications

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

FAA recordkeeping documents issued for both type-certificated and non-typecertificated products which have been found eligible for U.S. airworthiness certification.

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