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Airframe construction features, assembly and rigging, fabric covering, structural repairs, and aircraft welding.

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Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

Thin sheets of wood “peeled” from a log. A wideblade knife held against the surface of the log peels away the veneer as the log is rotated in the cutter. Veneer is used for making plywood. Several ...

compression wood

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

A defect in wood that causes it to have a high specific gravity and the appearance of an excessive growth of summerwood. In most species, there is little difference between the color of the ...


Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

A component in an aircraft control system used to adjust cable tension. A turnbuckle consists of a brass tubular barrel with right-hand threads in one end and left-hand in the other end. Control ...

paralleling circuit

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

A circuit in a multi-engine aircraft electrical system that controls a flow of control current which is used to keep the generators or alternators sharing the electrical load equally. The relay opens ...

Thermostatic expansion valve (TEV)

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

The component in a vapor-cycle cooling system that meters the refrigerant into the evaporator. The amount of refrigerant metered by the TEV is determined by the temperature and pressure of the ...

hydrostatic test

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

A pressure test used to determine the serviceability of high-pressure oxygen cylinders. The cylinders are filled with water and pressurized to 5⁄3 of their working pressure. Standard-weight cylinders ...

viscosity cup

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

A specially shaped cup with an accurately sized hole in its bottom. The cup is submerged in the liquid to completely fill it. It is then lifted from the liquid and the time in seconds is measured ...

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