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A station, usually consisting of buildings, airfields and runways, used to provide a place for aircraft to take off and land as well as to house commercial services for passengers and on-board staff.

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air taxi

Aviation; Air traffic control

U.S. and Canada: The movement of a helicopter or vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL) above the surface of an aerodrome but normally not above 100 ft AGL. The aircraft may proceed via flight ...


Aviation; Air traffic control

A rotorcraft flight condition in which the lifting rotor is driven entirely by action of the air when the rotorcraft is in motion.

airspace classification

Aviation; Air traffic control

The division of the Canadian Domestic Airspace (CDA) into seven classes, each identified by a single letter: A, B, C, D, E, F or G. The application of any classification to an airspace structure ...

aircraft captain

Aviation; Air traffic control

(1) Other expression for: pilot-in-command (PIC) (2) DND: A pilot with first pilot qualifications who has been designated pilot-in-command of an aircraft and who is responsible for the operation and ...

above aerodrome elevation (AAE)

Aviation; Air traffic control

The elevation of the highest point of the landing area.

aircraft incident

Aviation; Air traffic control

An event or sequence of events that may endanger human lives or compromise the safety of aircraft.

abbreviated precision approach path indicator (APAPI)

Aviation; Air traffic control

A precision approach path indicator (PAPI) consisting of only two light units situated on the left side of the runway. The aircraft is on slope if the unit nearest the runway shows red and the unit ...

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