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Alpine skiing

The sport and recreation of downhill skiing.

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Alpine skiing


Sports; Alpine skiing

Used to describe a trick done while in the air. The 360 is when a person does a full spin around (a full 360 degree spin). There are larger spins that are described by the amount of degrees you spin. ...


Sports; Alpine skiing

The act of skiing backwards down the hill. Often used in the freestyle skiing world to describe a trick when someone skis off a jump backwards.


Sports; Alpine skiing

An accumulation of freshly fallen snow on the mountain. Usually six inches or more of snow that has fallen giving the skiers a feeling of skiing "untouched" snow.

blue bird

Sports; Alpine skiing

A description of the morning after a storm that has snowed heavily the night before however that morning there is nothing but blue skies. A blue bird day means fresh snow and beautiful weather. This ...


Sports; Alpine skiing

Pyrenees is popular for winter sports such as alpine skiing and mountaineering because of the range of mountains that forms a natural border between France and Spain. It's good for athletes to do ...

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