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backer (back-up plate)

Metals; Aluminum

A tool , or reinforcing part, which presses against the outer surface of an extrusion die, supporting it against the pressure of the extruding metal. The backer has an opening larger than the die ...

back taper (relief)

Metals; Aluminum

Cut-away portion of die beginning at breakaway point to the die exit either angled or undercut (stepped back) for back clearance.


Metals; Aluminum

The curing of paint at an elevated temperature for a specific period of time, allowing the paint to become hard and dry.


Metals; Aluminum

A solid extrusion that is long in relation to cross section, which is square or rectangular (excluding plate or flattened wire) with sharp or rounded corners or edges or is a regular hexagon or ...


Metals; Aluminum

One of the ores from which alumina is extracted and from which aluminum is eventually smelted. Bauxite usually contains at least 45 percent aluminum oxide (alumina), and the best grades have a low ...


Metals; Aluminum

The principal horizontal load-bearing member of a structure.


Metals; Aluminum

The surface of the extruding aperture, at right angles to the die face, that controls metal flow and to some extent speed of flow which is also the conforming surface along which the aluminum flows.

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