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American culture

Art, music, literature, people, sports, technology, business, politics, religion and more in the United States. American culture is primarily Western, but is influenced by African, Asian, and Latin American and Native American cultures.

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American culture

polio (-myelitis)

Culture; American culture

Also known as “infantile paralysis,” this viral inflammation that left healthy children and adults unable to use their limbs became a source of terror for American parents and children, especially ...

Arab Americans

Culture; American culture

Although “Arab” refers to members of a language group from the Middle East and North Africa, the term has been muddled in the US by historical shifts, global Islamic politics and widespread ...

Japanese Americans

Culture; American culture

Although among the earliest immigrants from Asia, Japanese Americans have not experienced significant growth since 1960s immigration reforms. Instead, the Japanese American experience is divided ...


Culture; American culture

Although art museums and children’s museums constitute well-known genres of investigation and display, Americans have created many other centers that attract local visitors and tourists. Among the ...

United Nations

Culture; American culture

Although founded in the US as a successor to the League of Nations (which the US had not joined) and headquartered beside New York City, NY’s East River, the UN has often faced problems and divisions ...

film noir

Culture; American culture

Although French critics coined the epithet “black film,” film noir represents a unique, indigenous American genre. Emerging after the Second World War, noir’s images and plots swirled with moral ...


Culture; American culture

Although males aged between eighteen and twenty-five are required to register for possible conscription in the US, there has been no compulsory military service since 1973. Even before that date, the ...

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