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Any electronic device designed to inrease the volume of sound.

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ohm's law

Consumer electronics; Amplifier

The fundamental relationship between voltage, current, and resistance.


Consumer electronics; Amplifier

Measured in ohms, impedance is the total opposition to the flow of alternating current in a circuit.


Consumer electronics; Amplifier

An electromechanical switch, operated by passing current through a coil of wire wound around a steel core, which acts as an electromagnet, pulling the switch contact down to make or break a circuit.


Consumer electronics; Amplifier

a device that opens and closes an electric circuit.


Consumer electronics; Amplifier

A device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, such as a speaker.


Consumer electronics; Amplifier

A method of wiring an amplifier without using a PC board, where the components are mounted on terminal strips or tube sockets lugs, and the wiring is put in by hand to make the circuit connections. ...

positive feedback

Consumer electronics; Amplifier

feedback in which a portion of the signal from a later amplifier stage is fed back to an earlier stage (or to the same stage) in such a manner as to add to the input signal.

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