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Amusement parks

World Joyland

Entertainment; Amusement parks

The world's first non-virtual World of Warcraft theme park completely modeled after Blizzard's virtual World of Warcraft and StarCraft. Nicknamed World Joyland, the amusement park was originally ...

Shanghai Disneyland

Entertainment; Amusement parks

The first Disney resort in Mainland China which aims to become a family vacation destination that combines classic Disney characters and storytelling with the uniqueness and beauty of China. The ...


Entertainment; Amusement parks

a sensation of horror, often evoked by sudden unexpected occurrences


Entertainment; Amusement parks

An abandoned amusement park in Beijing, China, that would be the largest amusement park in the world were it open. In 1998 construction on the park was stopped due to financial difficulties as well ...

lateral g's, lateral forces, lateral gravity

Entertainment; Amusement parks

Forces experienced on a roller coaster that pull your body to the side of the car. The lateral forces are found in flat turns, and on some helix turns. The less banking in the turn the more intense ...


Entertainment; Amusement parks

Designed by Arrow Dynamics this element includes a single inversion and a 180-degree turnaround.


Entertainment; Amusement parks

Describes when the coaster's cars or trains are gaining speed. The term is most commonly used to describe how fast a train reaches a specific speed on a launch coaster (i.e. the train accelerates ...

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