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Analysis software

Applications for data mining, customer relationship management, business intelligence and data analysis

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Analysis software


Software; Analysis software

The art and science of detecting messages hidden using steganography.

table of contents

Software; Analysis software

The listing of contents at the beginning of a document or file.

easy-to-use system

Software; Analysis software

System capable of being used with little or no difficulty.

software application

Software; Analysis software

A set of instructions that a computer uses to perform a specific task, such as word processing, accounting, or data management.

delivery system

Software; Analysis software

A system, such as Microsoft Exchange Server, that delivers formatted notifications to destination devices.

help system

Software; Analysis software

Any application or process that has the capability of many programs and operating systems to display advice or instructions for using their features when so requested by the user, as by a screen ...

hyperlinking capability

Software; Analysis software

A functionality of a program to make a connection between an element in a hypertext document, such as a word, phrase, symbol, or image, and a different element in the document, another document, a ...

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