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Ancient Rome


History; Ancient Rome

The plebs was the general body of free land-owning Roman citizens (as distinguished from slaves and the capite censi) in Ancient Rome. Members of the plebs were also distinct from the higher order of ...

Romanos IV Diogenes

History; Ancient Rome

Born in 1032, a successful general he married empress-dowager Eudokia Makrembolitissa and became senior emperor as guardian of her sons by Constantine X. Deposed by the Doukas partisans after the ...

Nikephoros III Botaneiates

History; Ancient Rome

Born in 1001, he was the strategos of the Anatolic Theme. He rebelled against Michael VII and was welcomed into the capital. He weathered several revolts, but was overthrown by the Komnenos clan. He ...

Alexios I Komnenos

History; Ancient Rome

Born in 1048, a nephew of Isaac I Komnenos. A distinguished general, he overthrew Nikephoros III. His reign was dominated by wars against the Normans and the Seljuk Turks, as well as the arrival of ...

John II Komnenos

History; Ancient Rome

Born on 13 September 1087 as the eldest son of Alexios I. Co-emperor since 1092, he succeeded upon his father's death. His reign was focused on wars with the Turks. A popular and frugal ruler, he was ...

Manuel I Komnenos

History; Ancient Rome

Born on 28 November 1118 as the third and youngest son of John II, he was chosen as emperor over his elder brother Isaac by his father on his deathbed. An energetic ruler, he launched campaigns ...

Alexios II Komnenos

History; Ancient Rome

Born on 14 September 1169 as the only son of Manuel I. In 1180–1182 under the regency of his mother, Maria of Antioch. She was overthrown by Andronikos I Komnenos, who became co-emperor and finally ...

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