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Of or pertaining to the skill of shooting arrows with a bow.

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shooting line

Sports; Archery

When an archer shoots at a target they shoot from the shooting line, and they must have one foot on one side of the line and the other foot an the other side. They straddle the line.


Sports; Archery

A device that the archer uses to assist in his aiming at the target. The sight is placed on the bow.

sight window

Sports; Archery

The sight window is an area that is cut out of the riser (handle) and allows the archer to be able to better see through the sight.


Sports; Archery

A sling allows the archer to rest the bow in his hand.


Sports; Archery

This refers to how strong and stiff the shaft of an arrow is.


Sports; Archery

See Longrod.


Sports; Archery

The position an archer takes when setting him/herself up for a shot. An archer usually stands at a 90-degree angle facing the target.

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